Beginner’s Level:

This is designed especially for individuals who have no or little knowledge of using STATA software. The sessions in this level will ensure that the users acquire the basic know-how of STATA’s graphical user interface, importing data from different sources into STATA, creating log files, do-files, examining descriptive statistics, managing data, value labels and many more.

Intermediate Level:

This level comprises of application of theoretical knowledge of Econometrics on STATA. The intermediate level makes the learner pro in undertaking policy analysis by undergoing the training to use different statistical and econometric tools for credible and reliable results.

Advanced Level:

This level is meant especially for the research community who already possess higher order knowledge STATA. The sessions in this level will teach the learners about handling complex datasets and making the related analytics much simpler and a time saving exercise. Advanced level will also include practical sessions focusing on different concepts in labour market and generating relevant variables and doing the analyses. It will include generation of variables like wages, daily status of workers, labour force participation rates, unemployment and underemployment rates, workers etc.

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