Research-- an integral part of development and policy-making-- has off-late become an empirics-centric exercise where numbers dominate, facts rule and methodology speaks. Every researcher strives to verify the theoretical underpinnings using reliable data which is large, complex and time-quenching. Across the globe budding Scholars have to spend years to get hang of the statistical tools like sampling and empirical modeling coupled with learning of software like STATA, SPSS, R etc which leaves little time for them to concentrate on the real issue or the reasons for changing trends and patterns. We, at Outlier, ease out the whole process for the research community, especially the research scholars who are hard-pressed for time. Our team specializes in data handling and application of statistical tools for quality empirical analysis.

At Outlier, we have specialized faculty teaching numerous software which are in demand in job market today. Outlier, regularly offers courses at three different levels and conducts workshops/seminars on these statistical packages for faculty.

The training in all the software is imparted at three different levels:


An introductory course that teaches you how to use the chosen software. The course is a combination of lectures, example applications, and carefully chosen problems. This level covers the basic commands necessary to be most productive in the package’s environment. This level also teaches you the art to visualize different datasets with software's powerful graphics features. This course will introduce different kinds of graphs and demonstrate how to use them for exploratory data analysis.


This level introduces the learners to be a master in regression analysis. In this level we cover simple regression, multiple regression, dummy regressions, hypothesis testing etc. This level also introduces the learners to regression with dependent dummy variables and autoregressive/distributed lag models. We also offer separate programmes on Time Series and Panel Data which is geared for researchers and practitioners in all fields.


This level makes learners a pro in using large datasets like National Sample Survey, Annual Survey of Industries, National Family Health Survey, District Level Household Survey etc. The extraction, merging, cleaning of these large datasets is coupled with the lectures on concordance and use of deflators in big datasets to ensure comparison.

All Sessions are Available in the Form of Physical Classroom Teaching as well as Online Training.

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