About Us

Outlier Research Solutions is a Social Science Info-cum-Research platform based in Delhi, India that offers everything to a social science aspirant. We undertake Research, We impart technical know-how of research techniques, and most of all, we carve out better researchers. At Outlier Research Solutions, we assist research institutions in planning a research study, framing research proposals and execution of the research study; everything tailor-made to suit the requirements of the researcher. We vouch that our services cater to individual needs and are content driven, cost effective and time.

We are an Outlier in What We Do because:

  • The genesis of Outlier lies in the “missing market” for social sciences. The portals that exist today are either not exclusively focusing on social sciences or have scattered information—different website for internships, different for conferences so on & so forth…the team Outlier, with their own experiences in the past and given the situation in the job market, recognized that there was no single window which provided the information on different opportunities available across the globe for a social science scholar. So we provide updated information on all the events--everything on one portal.
  • We are the only portal that provides ready to run extraction files for large data-sets on our web that too completely free.
  • Unique and Exhaustive STATA curriculum delivered by experts from myriad International organizations.

Who can join us?

  • Research Fraternity – Research Institutes both National & International
  • Research Scholars
  • Bachelor & MA Students; MA (social sciences)/MBA Aspirants
  • Corporate Sector
  • NGOs

Why Join Us?

  • Personalized Support on Data: Primary Survey Data, Unit Level Large Secondary Data sets like NSS, ASI, NFHS, census surveys, health surveys etc
  • Hands on STATA Sessions: We also have regular batches running at three different levels- basics, intermediate and advanced- to give you grip on this statistical software and equip the learner with the skill of data analytics.
  • Writing and Analysis Services: We are engaged in formulating, implementing and evaluating research projects. We also provide assistance in data collection (via primary surveys) or data extraction (from large secondary datasets) coupled with data analysis services and reporting. We provide the best analytics- from simple descriptive statistics to complex modeling making your project unique in every aspect.
  • Esteemed Internships, scholarships and foreign applications calls for impressive resume and a moving statement of purpose (SOP). Students spend days surfing online, looking for an apt sample of SOP but still remain topsy-turvy while jotting points for “avant-garde” SOP! We simplify your needs by giving right words to your thoughts, experiences and aspiration!!..

We Are Here To Serve You


We ensure application of 3 I’s– Information, Imagination and Initiation— to generate new ideas and innovative solutions to our client’s problems . Outlier sturdily works for that.


Work diligently to serve research community in particular and the society in general. We Commit to be different & We Commit to transform our promises made to you into reality.


We strive to be morally correct in all our endeavors. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom we engage.


Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement. We will expect more of ourselves than our clients do. We will endeavor to exceed expectations in every project.

We Deeply Respect the Knowledge, Skills, Ideas and Capabilities!

We Stand for Quality, Strive for Excellence and Work Towards Unparalleled Research!