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Personalised Support on Data

Data Assistance such that you can sit back and relax while we do the rest of it coz' we're pro. No matter what you need, we provide need-specific personalised solutions.Outlier is known for its expert assistance on complex datasets like NSS, ASI, NFHS,census surveys, health surveys and all kinds of primary survey.

Perfect For All Research-Specific Needs

We simplify this process for our clients and rather than wasting months in searching for the resource people and learning from the scratch, we provide them with ready-to-run files which does the job at one go. The experience is highly comprehensive.

Hands on Statistical Sessions

We have hands-on Statistical sessions which are delivered by experts from our team in the form of Seminars or Workshop at your doorstep - University/Institution. We also have our batches running at three different levels- basics, intermediate and advanced- to give you grip on several softwares like STATA, R, SPSS, Gretl, E-views, SAS, PYTHON etc.

Make Your Content Stand Out

It is imperative to have knowledge of statistical softwares for analysing large datasets as these cannot be used in Microsoft Excel directly due to their large size. Otherwise too, knowledge of these softwares immensely unravels the analytics.

Writing and Analysis Services

We are engaged in formulating, implementing and evaluating research projects. Along with it Outlier, also provide data analysis services and reporting. We provide the best analytics- from simple descriptive statistics to complex modeling making your project unique in every aspect.

Build Something Beautiful

Our services for research projects include proposal formulation, survey/ data collection (Primary Data) or data extraction (Secondary Data), data compiling & analysis, interim Report, final report, among others.

Opportunities at Your Doorstep

We assist budding scholars in finding scholarships, internships and research jobs- all on one portal. With exhaustive lists of events and opportunities in social sciences across the globe, we not only save the searching time of scholars but also expedite the application process through our tailor-made services. 

We Put Your Thoughts In Words

Esteemed Internships, scholarships and foreign applications calls for impressive resume and a moving SOP. Students spend days, looking for an apt sample of SOP but still remain topsy-turvy while jotting points for "avant-garde" SOP! We simplify your needs by giving right words to your thoughts, experiences and aspiration!!

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